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Ritalin, Video Games, Abortions, Guns: Which Factors Contribute to School Shootings?
by Countable
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  • Pamela

    It’s not just one cause but a multitude of causes. Easy access to guns & our childrens obsession with them is a big one. We must limit access to them for those under, say 23/24, as well as for those with mental health issues. More mental health services (particularly evidence-based models) are desperately needed for children & families - funding for this must be expanded/increased. Children with mental health problems do not “grow out” of them but rather they become worse without treatment. Currently volunteering in a kindergarten class, I see a number of children who are already anti-social & acting out in a problematic manner. Aides are not available for the classrooms resulting in all the children suffering, the teacher reduced to behavior management rather than teaching & other children beginning to copy the problematic behavior. I am concerned for the future of these kids.


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