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The Daily Countable: 🐓🌾Farm Bill Fails, and... 🎒What Do We Do About School Shootings?🗣💬
by Countable
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  • Lauren

    One option— would our power with a vote! Unless gun control and serious federal funds for mental health support (I.e. social workers for every school, psychiatrists available as well, more emotional support teachers, guidance counselors... etc) is a top priority of a candidate, then they do not belong in office. We are a nation in crisis!! Enough with the nonsense spewed by gun owning 2nd amendment advocates!!! Hey guys, guess what?? If your own government ever tries to ‘oppress’ you... your friggin shotguns and AR15s won’t stand a chance against their weaponry! Remember they have bombs! Ridiculous argument and I’m sick of it.


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