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Trump Admin. Clips Wings of Migratory Bird Treaty Act
by Countable
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  • Chickie

    Ryan Zinke, current head of the Department of Interior, graduated from University of Oregon. attending on a football scholarship. In his biography, Zinke has written the way he chose geology as his major was by closing his eyes over the school catalog on pointing to geology. Since graduating 34 yrs. ago, Zinke has NEVER worked a day as a geologist. Although now that he’s the head of the DoI, he will say “as a geologist”....” Those who are practicing professional geologists will say Zinke IS NOT a geologist. Regarding changing the MBTA: Please, do not allow this to happen. All our birds deserve our protection so they can continue to fly in our skies, use our lands and waterways freely as they were meant to do! To allow the change will encourage big money corporations and manufacturing companies to practice without consciousness and avoid legal responsibility. Protect our environment, not big money!

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