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Deficit Rising $1 Trillion By 2020, Says CBO
by Countable
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  • Shannon

    I think the long term Republican plan all along has been to increase the deficit until the government has no other choice but to slash everything, including and especially all so-called entitlements programs as well as public education. Rich people are trying to create a permanent, uneducated underclass that has no choice but to toil for very little wages and no benefits. They know they can't bring back slavery, but they can come close. Money is concentrated in Southeast Asia now, and there are over 2 billion people there,compared to our 360 million. It doesn't make sense that they are making things for Americans. Corporate executives can see that it would make them more money if the cheap labor for manufacturing were all here and the comsumers were all there. I actually used to joke about this, ten years ago, but ironically, the facts are supporting my conspiracy theory more all the time.

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