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Imodium Prices Skyrocket from Ties to Opioid Epidemic
by Countable
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  • Monica

    A while back I had a hard time finding Sinus Aleve ( or Aleve-D) which was the only thing that worked for my sinus headaches. It was very frustrating and I was very upset. I know this was caused by the fact the active ingredient in Sinus Aleve is used by some to make meth. Bad enough it is no longer a truly over-the-counter medication, but to find it unavailable at all locally was awful. Luckily, the Aleve Sinus disappearance was temporary, but now I get it before I need it. Please let’s not make cancer patients and those with IBSD or Crohns or similar go through the same due to drug addicts. Even if it meant legalizing some drugs, I want to see the innocent who suffer and need medicine get theirs at reasonable or no expense. Just heavily punish those who abuse and commit ANY crime-automatic prison time if they were high even for a speeding violation. Don’t punish people who already have a raw deal.

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