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The Daily Countable: 👣Trump's flip-flops on DACA... and, 🍎teachers + guns = liability problems?🔫
by Countable
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  • morrcahn

    The current president's statements and conclusions are so often ridden with logical fallacies, it's difficult to bear. Claiming the Democratic party is against DACA because they won't agree to his border wall conditions? Red herring, slippery slope, and either/or fallacies come to mind. I apologize, but the argument is therefore null. I have yet to see data showing such a wall as he requests would prove effective, let alone practical. What I see is someone unwilling to have patience for compromise and attempting to put the blame on one party, using any tactic–whether reasonable or not–because they don't get their way. It takes two to tango, and this kind of tango takes time. Re: arming teachers — I don't think someone has any right to argue *for* this unless they are or have been a certified teacher and worked as one. If this person is in some other way qualified to speak on the matter, they should speak on the research and experience lending credence to their opinion on the matter first.

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