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The Daily Countable: 👣Trump's flip-flops on DACA... and, 🍎teachers + guns = liability problems?🔫
by Countable
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  • Tracy

    Oh where to for DACA, Trump wanted it tied to a border wall which is a worthless waste of money. Furthermore, he is the one who keeps putting Americans against each other by making statements that single out and label rather that bringing us together by putting opposing views together to work something out! As for arming teachers, that is the most ridiculous thing ever! How about starting by paying teachers more, stop diverting funds to charter schools to help make public schools better. Charter and private schools should be a choice that parents choose to pay extra for not something that every taxpayer has to fund! Honestly, of the multitude of teachers I have encountered over the decades, maybe a handful could keep their wits about them enough to handle a gun in response to a situation like Parkland or SandyHook, but I don’t want my child in a class where the teacher is expected to handle a situation as if she/he has swat training! As for Pruitt violating ethics, are we surprised here? This man is in charge of the EPA. The governing group that that he choose to sue multiple times! He doesn’t want to protect the environment. He wants to dismantle the EPA and is being supported by big businesses to do so! Wake Up!

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