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Lawmakers Looking To Arm Teachers Face Liability Limitations
by Countable
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  • Lauren

    The idea of arming teachers is so pathetically ignorant it’s hard to stomach. To those who say ‘oh schools are a soft target which is why they are attacked’... um, have you already forgotten about the nightclubs, arenas, churches, etc, etc, etc that have been host to mass shootings?!!! Name 1 country that has had success with arming teachers ?!! The ONLY success stories are those countries who drastically changed gun laws after mass shootings (ex: Australia, Scotland). And for those ‘gun nuts’ on here proposing that the issue is too few guns in the hands of teachers....have you researched about the physiological affect fear has on humans?? NO one- not even an armed and trained officer can know exactly what their response would be in a life or death situation. We have to simply make it much harder for people to get their hands on guns!!

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