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Lawmakers Looking To Arm Teachers Face Liability Limitations
by Countable
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  • NoHedges

    My main question is why the top legislative minds in America are unable to screen legislation for legal implications. 😱 Law school anyone? This repeated issue of not being able to pre-screen new legislation for possible complications would suggest a lack of competence on Congress' part. 👹Not that I am a proponent of arming teachers in the 1st place. Mostly, because an untrained teacher with a hand gun IS NOT going to stop an active shooter and is more of a liability than anything else. 🚥 Regardless, the absence of proactive leadership in congress is costing the tax payer billions in salaries. 👺 At minimum, the NRA needs to have its legal team throughly vet these types of legislation initiatives. Especially since it is the NRA who is the pushing to arm teachers in the 1st place.

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