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Lawmakers Looking To Arm Teachers Face Liability Limitations
by Countable
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  • Loretta

    The only people who think that arming teachers is a good idea are people who are NOT CERTIFIED Degree holding Teachers! I am a teacher and would not want to be armed if asked nor do I wish to teach with others who are armed.I hold 2 Degrees in Education one is an undergraduate degree and the other is a Masters in Ed. I have taken many other graduate courses in pursuit of excellence in my teaching...somehow Weapons/Sharpshooting were not on any course requirement for teacher certification and it never should be...not even for those who may have to shoot a bear. But in every town and city with schools there are also Police and law enforcement officers who are (hopefully) as well trained as teachers, leaving them to be the ones who put the officers in schools...if at all! Ask any parent or teacher in any of the towns affected by this and they will probably agree DON'T ARM TEACHERS! NOT OUR JOB AND SHOULD NOT BE!

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