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Trump Admin. to Demand Visa Applicants Turn Over Social Media History
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    There is a process that the prevention field uses...Multiple Strategies through Multiple Domains. No one thing is an ingredient for preventing something, but rather part of the overall recipe. Why on earth wouldn’t we want to view their beliefs and whether they’ve supported terrorist ideation or a dislike for our country? Aren’t we all just shocked after any event (bombing, machete attack, mowing people down with cars, mass shooting, etc), at their posts? Often their intent was right there. Then you all ask, “Why didn’t someone say, something?” Yes, it might mean they react by disguising their intent, but this is just one strategy in the domain of social media that must be examined. All the liberals who believe that this is about Trump wanting to see what was written about him, honestly, it must be so life-suckingly draining to view everything through the, “I hate DJT,” lenses with which you view life. Grow up.

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