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Sessions & Grassley Square Off Over Sentencing & Prison Reform
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    I voted for Trump, and I am a huge supporter of both military and law enforcement, but have to agree with Grassley on this issue. 1) Mandatory minimums tie judges hands, 2) Often times the color of the VICTIM is what determines whether someone gets a harsher sentence or the death penalty, 3) Drug use—although it creates collateral damage to families and supports an overall criminal cabal (including incentivizing corruption within law enforcement)—is most harmful to the user, 4) Drug cartels can still be given harsher sentences, 5) People economically disadvantaged because they can’t afford quality legal help are the predominant group that end up imprisoned, and lastly, 6) Neither prisons, foster care programs, or any program with an incentive to keep people in its shackles should ever be privatized—which some/or parts of our current system are. Lastly, what on earth does Jared Kushner know about prison reform? I’m okay with him brokering peace in the Middle East; he cant do any worse than others who’ve tried, but prison reform? Let’s leave this to the legislature. I say vote “yes” on this bi-partisan bill.

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