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Sessions & Grassley Square Off Over Sentencing & Prison Reform
by Countable
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  • Matthew

    A big part of this story is the fact that the UK courts have formally blocked extradition of a criminal to the US in part due to the US prison and criminal justice system being ruled too severe and inhumane! That is huge! One of our closest and most respected allies has ruled our prison system too awful to subject their own citizens to it despite having clearly committed crimes here. I'm not sure Grassley's reforms go far enough, but this is a big step in the right direction and I fully support this bipartisan reform effort and hope to see more reform come to this deeply dysfunctional part of our country. Our privatized system is perverse and needs to be eliminated entirely. The drug war is a failed policy; it needs to be treated as a healthcare crisis, not a used as the subversive attack on minorities that it was intended to be. We need to be rehabilitating prisoners, not training them to be lifelong criminals. There is a lot of cleaning up to do.

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