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Tillerson Fired Via Tweet
by Countable
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  • Jeanne

    To quote Donna: “If this report is true and Tillerson was notified through the djt tweet announcing his replacement, it would be par for the course for this bully president. He fired Comey when he was in CA - and then complained they let him take a government plane back to DC. Priebus was notified as he was stepping off the plane from a trip with the traveling circus. Twitter was not originally designed to run our government, but since djt is not man enough to confront anyone face to face, it has become his platform of choice. Tillerson would not have been my first choice for this position, but he was nominated AND confirmed by elected representatives. He deserves to be treated with dignity as do the American people, the members of Congress, members of the press corp, James Comey, Reince Priebus and everyone else djt has slammed in a fit of anger in the last year. Pence took offense with a single comment made on The View last week, demanded a public apology AND GOT IT. Where is his outrage at the deplorable, unprofessional, juvenile, bullying behavior of the commander-in-chief? I find djt to be much more offensive and slanderous than Joy Behar. The hypocrisy, stupidity and offensiveness of this administration continues to embarrass the US but no longer amazes anyone. We are watching the disintegration of the Office of the Presidency before our eyes and it is painful.”

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