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Trump Takes Executive Action Strengthening Refugee Vetting, Reviewing Military Readiness
by Countable
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  • Jessica

    Again Donald Trump shows himself to be guided by deep unkindness. We have plenty here - plenty of space, plenty of food, plenty of opportunity for those in need. The new administration's xenophobic, bigoted agenda is as unAmerican as it is unkind. Please vote no on this. Regarding our military readiness, perhaps if we, as a nation, did not busy ourselves being cruel internationally (by building a wall between us and Mexico and vetting refugees), causing trouble with other nations on twitter and otherwise, and greedily squandering Earth's resources, we would not need to have wars. Again, kindness is what is lacking in this order. I will not support such sweeping, decisive unkindness and I hope you will not do so either. Thank you for all your hard work in the face of this evil. Trump and his"team" need to be stopped.

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