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The Daily Countable: Guns & God
by Countable
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  • Michael

    America has always had lots of guns, but school shootings is a recent problem. So, what’s changed? It’s not guns because in the past we had lots of guns & less gun laws than we do now. Society has changed! The progressive war on God, Family values, morality, the glorification of violence, and the idea that violence against people you disagree with is acceptable. There’s your root cause, not guns. A gun is a tool, the cause is the culture the progressive left has created. There’s NO correlation between high numbers of guns per/cap & violent crime. Britain has higher rates of violent crimes than America with almost no guns. Australia’s violent crime was decreasing at the same rate as America’s even before the gun confiscation and is still no better than America after. Also, no one wants to consider the 1.5 million people per year who are still alive today because they had a gun to defend themselves. Many of them women. Those are the ones that are reported. It’s estimated that 40% of these aren’t reported because no shot was fired. Are these people’s lives unimportant? The idea that it’s the guns is just plain false, and if you’re objective and look at the data it’s clear unless you’re a liar or an idiot. As for Billy Graham, I know of him. I didn’t follow him that closely, but I think he was honest about his convictions and I don’t see a problem with honoring him. Those who try to apply “separation of church & state” to this haven’t a clue of what they’re talking about, and is more evidence how the government run education system has failed in this country. Speaking of education, consider this: the creation of the Department of Education in 1980, God is removed from school, less than 20yrs later the school shootings start. Coincidence? On top of that we go from #1 in education to what, 27th. Yeah, great job.

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