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Countable Explains Red Flag Laws
by Countable
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    People call the police when they see a person driving erratically. Exceeding the speed limit requires that the driver be pulled over, ticketed, and fined.. Children are required to be in car seats by law. Drunk drivers are stopped and immediately removed from continuing to drive at that point. Shouting “Fire” in a theater is illegal. People who run red lights or stop signs receive tickets and fines. Repeated offenses for driving while intoxicated may cause drivers to lose their licenses, and they may face jail time along with fines. Domestic violence perpetrators are immediately removed from the home as required by law in some states. Why do we do this? To protect the safety of the public. Society needs rules to ensure “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are protected. No one says you can’t drive a car. No one says you can’t drink. But there are limitations. For the greater good. Gun control is no different. No one says you can’t own a gun but there are already limitations on them. You can’t take them into airports or on planes, in schools, in govt buildings, in hospitals and other places of public access. Why? For protection of the public. Dangerous things that have the potential for harm or death require regulations.

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