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Lawsuits Challenge Electoral College
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    The very question whether the electoral college is unconstitutional shows the ignorance of many, since our Constitution’s framers were genius in its writing and WROTE IT INTO THE CONSTITUTION! Please also consider other points where there is ignorance: 1) We are not and have NEVER been a democracy; we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, therefore a REPRESENTATIVE government; thus the electoral college picks our President; 2) Of the 3141 total US counties, DJT won 2654 counties while HRC won only 487 (that is the accurate count vs the 57 cited on the Internet). I for one will never go for TX, CA, NY, and FL elitists choosing a President for the entire country; 3) The libs and Dems have really shown your hand with this lawsuit; of those suing, the one group standing out...The League of United Latin American Citizens—along with why we need border control and a wall—as who is behind the motives to overturn the greatest’s nation’s Constitution. These infiltrators will not be happy until they’ve stripped us of everything that has made us American, a country with the longest running Constitution and the most freedoms. Wake up before it’s too late. I suggest those who won’t stand up for this country, go live in a myriad of other countries; start with Tijuana or Juarez, Mexico where private citizens cannot legally own guns. I’ll be anxious to know how utopian things are.

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