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Countable Explains Red Flag Laws
by Countable
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  • TracyEckels

    When I was 17. I was out one night having a good time with my friends, my mother was attending her fathers funeral and my father being a very big alcoholic was in the midst of wrestling with my sister to gain control of his rifle from her. I don’t know how this came about but when I got home my sister and Father were at the top of the stairs fighting over the rifle. I flew up the stairs like I was Superman and seized the gun from the both of them. I later discovered that the gun was loaded with a round in the chamber my fathers finger was on the trigger and my sister was drawing the end of the rifle into herself. If I hadn’t acted the way I did she would have been dead that night. What erks me, was the way that the police responded. They would not take any of the guns out of the house or arrest my father, just to get him out of the house for at least the night. I had to get my uncle to come and get the guns out of the house. The police basically said “ well, its his house”.

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