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Countable Explains Red Flag Laws
by Countable
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  • SneakyPete

    RED FLAG LAWS...... YEA or Nay❓❓ Currently there are only five states that have laws enabling family members, guardians, or police to ask judges to temporarily strip gun rights from people who show warning signs of violence. Supporters of these measures, deemed “red flag laws” or gun-violence restraining orders, say they can save lives by stopping some shootings and suicides. I’d have concerns about the biased determining of either individuals or more importantly categories of individuals having weapons. Medically determined individuals who are found to be “Medically MENTALLY Ill, could be understandably qualified for falling under zither “Red Flag Weapons Denial” considerations. However, I could foresee some elements trying to deny weapons ownership to a number of folks or groups, to meet their political agendas. Not saying that they would, for example, having individuals over say 80 years of age, to be denied weapons ownership. Of course this would be ridiculous even considering, but just a silly example of what could be considered. I’d be strongly in support of the requirement to have background checks on ALL firearms purchases be made at all trade shows which are selling firearms including all, hand guns, long guns and weapons which be adapted/converted to fire automatically. Of particular concern is that legislation would be passed banning the Saale and use of “BumpFiring Adapters/Devices” will have been past posthaste by Congress. 2*23*18. SEE:

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