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GOP Senator Suggests New DACA Solution
by Countable
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  • Donna

    Stop screwing with the present and future lives of these kids. They are not the ones that violated our immigration laws. They deserve to stay in the country they see as their home. They are attending our schools, serving in our military, working and contributing to our society and economy. Use your freaking energy to improve border security (without the wall we can't afford and for which Mexico obviously will not pay) and enforce our immigration laws - ALL OF THEM. Not all illegal immigrants enter this country from our southern border, yet those are the only ones this administration seems hell-bent to stop and remove. Where is the enforcement for the visitors or students overstaying their visas? Are they not more culpable for breaking our laws than these DACA recipients? After all, they made the conscious decision to stay, as adults. This administration needs to stop heartlessly playing with the lives of young adults NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PRESENCE IN THIS COUNTRY. Spend resources and my tax dollars protecting 'America' by removing assault weapons and high-capacity magazines from the streets. They are a bigger threat to our national safety and security than a group of young adults NOT GUILTY OF BREAKING ANY LAWS. Two, three or ten-year old children are not capable of understanding what their parents did was wrong. They should not be punished for the crimes of their adult family members. DJT broke this only because it was created by Obama in the first place. This one-up manship is really getting old. DJT needs to DO HIS FREAKING JOB AS PRESIDENT AND LOOK OUT FOR THE GOOD OF THE NATION. Not himself, not his donors, not his rich, corrupt country-club set - THE COUNTRY.

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