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GOP Senator Suggests New DACA Solution
by Countable
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  • SneakyPete

    It’s no more an oxymoron to suggest that a solution is proposed by the Democrats then it’s by a Republican. They(Democrats) were not, after eight (8 years) incapable of providing a solution, especially an ethical,moral solution. So they’ll (again the Democrats) will just let this sit, as they’ve the DACA issue until the midterms, with the hope that their Democratic base will return the Democrats to power, which will not occur. DEMOCRATS, you Sadly can’t just vote “Nay”, and continue with your Schumer/Pelosi “OBSTRUCTIONIST WAYS” hoping that the votes to return to the fold. They won’t do as you wish. You may call yourself role models, and you are correct. Bad Ones at a very minimum. 2*20*18.

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