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Should Teachers be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools?
by Countable
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  • Steve

    More Guns in more places, that’s pretty much the NRA solution to the already 14 million listened AR15 and other assault rifles out there. Can you for a moment imagine yourself as a teacher with let’s say a 9mm Glock in the chaos of the Parkland shooting? Should you rush into the hall to confront the shooter? Perhaps you should gather the kids as far from the door as possible and take up a firing position to shoot the first thing that opens the door. Will it be the shooter or a first responder or another armed teacher or perhaps a Good Samaritan citizen who also has entered with his AR15 to take out the shooter. It’s a situation where literally milliseconds can mean survival or additional tragedy. Perhaps we should think creatively a to why we don’t amend the 2nd Amendment to put us in line with dozens of other industrial nations that have far fewer of these nightmarish incidents that we do.

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