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Guns & Mental Illness: What Has Been Done? What Should Be Done?
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  • Mia

    This is utter BS! People think that the suspect has a "Mental Illness" but the media these days be like "oh yea the school shooter has some type of mental illness. " don't give me that BS! There has to be a reason why he did this! We have 18 school shooting this year and you guys didn't do anything! Why not make a new school system for all state to allow teachers to own weapons to protect their students!? Hiding inside a classroom will not help at all plus a school shooter will know where we hide anyway because that person might practice these lockdown drills so this is not helping. Help teach students to defend themselves. Plus there were warning signs the whole time about this man! He was one of the FBI watchlist and they didn't report or do anything. Maybe it's about time to change something!


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