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The Daily Countable: Trying to Make Sense of the Florida Shooting
by Countable
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  • Kenny

    As always, the gun debate is well underway! I and my fellow liberals are yelling for gun control while the conservatives and gun enthusiasts are saying that it’s not a gun issue, it’s an issue with mental health care in our country. And while this argument rages on for the millionth time NOTHING IS BEING FUCKING DONE! Ya know, at this point, I would love to be proved wrong and have our conservative run government deal with some mental health reform and have these shootings stop, but they won’t! Every time innocent Americans are gunned down, people run out in droves to buy more guns and when this happens gun companies obviously get more money, that they pass along to our elected officials! AMERICAN LIVES ARE BEING SACRIFICED FOR A PROFIT! INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE DYING SO THAT OUR POLITICIANS CAN GET MORE MONEY! The pockets of Washington D.C. are being lined with human blood and I’m getting pissed off... we should all be pissed off, no matter what side of the argument you’re on! Shove your thoughts and prayers up your ass and fucking do something!

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