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The Daily Countable: Florida School Shooting
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  • Bossman

    The gun culture in this country is unacceptable. When will we talk about reform, ways to curb the violence, legislation to actually pass to help protect innocent children and adults from senseless violence? During the assault weapons ban, the mass shootings decreased. Other countries have enacted laws that have decreased and/or nearly eliminated mass shootings - the kind of mass shootings that he US has multiple times per day. Do you know how many school shootings have occurred since Columbine? Since Sandy Hook? Since January 1, 2018? Do you know how many lives have been lost that YOU could have saved? You have the power to change the world and save these kids and teachers and bystanders. You have the power to limit the amount of carnage in these situations. Please be responsible and do something about it. Prayers are powerful. But they don’t prevent this senseless violence. You can enact laws that will. Step up, or we will vote you out.


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