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The Daily Countable: Florida School Shooting
by Countable
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  • Katherine

    Certainly the time has come to open a discussion about guns. My first point is our right to bear arms in a well-ordered militia! That implies to me trained my. Soldiers, Reservists, Sailors and Marines are extensively trained. Why would we be allowed license to use arms, not to mention own them, without extensive training? My second point is historical. Eighteenth-Century arms were nothing like assault rifles. The founders were protecting our right of self defense and national service toward national defense, not our ability to carry out St Valentine’s Day massacres. My third point is that hunters do not shoot the smithereens out of their prey. Whether for food or trophy, the objective is a whole bird or mammal.Thoughts and Prayers do not protect us from future shooters. Thoughts and prayers do not bring back our dead. God helps those who help themselves, and so far seems to me we are not lifting a thumb to help ourselves.


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