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Energy Department Plans New Office Of Cybersecurity
by Countable
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  • Chickie

    No! This administration is on the path to raise our deficit into astronomical amounts. I would like to know who told #45 that the office of President comes with a blank check? The energy department should NOT be in charge of Cyber Security. This would fall under those who already understand and are trained in protection, (such as CIA, FBI, and other such protection agencies). To create a new department is a waste of taxpayer monies. Vote NAY and move on to what needs immediate (911), attention. Such as replacing WH staff and appointees who do not have security clearance, a clean DACA law, and immigration. Stop government wasteful spending, (such as paying for first class airline tickets versus Business Class tickets), requiring all departments to provide a clean report on their spending, and enforce fiscal responsibility. This should start at the top with curtailing costs for security and travel to NYC and Mira Lago. If #45 insists on sustaining two other residences with security and the travel expense to get there from Washington DC, he can pay for it.

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