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The Latest: Senate Rejects Immigration Proposals
by Countable
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  • Dana

    No, Shari, the DACA recipients were not already given a path to citizenship much less it being yanked out from under them. Obama signed an illegal executive order giving them a temporary stay in this country. There was a deadline on his executive order. The deadline was after he would be out of office. Congress had ample time to come up with a permanent solution before Obama was out of office. Trump is just following the law and gave congress 6 months to find a permanent solution. Trump, also, promised the border wall and immigration reform for the outdated laws. Trump is not holding DACA recipients hostage for the wall and much needed extra border security. It’s the Dems holding them hostage because they want open borders which they think gives them more votes. You liberals mistakenly give the Dems credit for caring for DACA recipients. They care only for themselves and ways to keep lining their pockets which translates into votes from illegal immigrants. You liberals also mistakenly believe Trump is racist for following the law instead of just renewing Obama’s illegal executive order. At least Trump is putting Americans first unlike the Dems who put illegal immigrants first for votes. American dreamers should come before illegal dreamers.

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