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The Latest: Senate Rejects Immigration Proposals
by Countable
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  • Dana

    To the liberals who think that we don’t need a wall built at our southern border, please take a trip to the border. What we have now is ridiculous. How about talking to border patrol. Or yet talk with the American citizens living at the border. How would you like people running through your property at all hours of the night. They don’t know if the illegals are just sneaking over the border or if they are drug mules. There isn’t enough police or border patrol to do anything about it. Those American citizens shouldn’t have to deal with that day in and day out. They have every right to not have to put up with illegals trespassing on their property all night every night. We need a wall that will put a stop to illegals that are infringing on these American’s rights. You liberals are too worried about the rights of illegals instead of the rights of Americans. Shame on you. Have some empathy toward our American citizens for once.

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