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White House Unveils $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
by Countable
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    The U.S. infrastructure has been degrading for years. Liberal organizations and politicians have pushed infrastructure improvements projects and legislation for decades, while the Republicans have fought against it. Now, Republicans want to take ownership of the idea of infrastructure improvements and make it appear as if they have created the idea that it needs to be addressed urgently. It is only urgent, in some cases, because Republicans have kicked the can down the road for so many decades, passing it off to later generations, until it must be replaced at a substantial cost. This bill and Republican agenda is part of the fleecing of America. They will tell you that the only way to accomplish this is via private ventures and they will blame Democrats for the justification. This is their way of giving a huge chunk of America to corrupt, unethical Corporations. This legislation and program must be reviewed ethically, and must be reviewed by university ethics programs. We cannot continue to give away America piece by piece until we lose all freedoms to an authoritarian Corporation and pay tolls to drive on its roads and walk on its sidewalks and to turn on the lights, while you use its infrastructure. You are freely giving away what our ancestors fought for.

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