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White House Unveils $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
by Countable
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  • Chris

    My main concerns with this is that the spending is getting out of control. This is on top of the budget that was passed, so if the 3-5% growth is not maintained in the next ten years we will have added trillions the deficit. And it looks like the economy is going to take a hit when interest rates begin to rise. Secondly, this will burden many state and local governments, many of which are already struggling. Don’t be surprised if this adds new taxes are those levels. On the plus side, the country needs this, especially while making jobs easier to do from beginning to end. It is also nice that the states/locals will be able to dictate which jobs get addressed first. This will allow states to prioritize projects that are more important than others instead of having the feds tell them what they can and can’t fix.

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