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Dueling Family Leave Policies
by Countable
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  • NoHedges

    Fixing Social Security sustainability is as easy as placing a resource cap to qualify. It is ridiculous that social security is viewed as some specialty entitlement. ✅We all pay into many social good programs via taxes. This doesn't mean we all are entitled to services. Social Security should be no different! What does a billionaire or a multimillionaire need with a couple thousand in social security every month? ⚡️While, I support the spirit of this bill, I don't support pay it forward funding model when there are other sustainable funding avenues which won't require restorative justice measures 🌈Every time this administration strikes outs at our children and families, make a pledge to reach beyond Countable and hit the social media, blogs, and papers. Launch your own media blitz every time this administration tears down, rolls back, restructures, or neglects any policy/program that impacts/protects a child under the age of 14. 🔵Stop the madness; protects the children.

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