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Trump: New FBI Texts are a 'Bombshell.’ Are They?
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    - Former State Dept. employee reveals he had extensive contact with anti trump dossier author. - FBI stopped paying Author, Christopher Steele, discredited by FBI, yet... - FBI used, in part, dossier to decide FISA court - Nothing in dossier has ever been confirmed as being authentic - NYT reports U S spies bilked out of $100,000 trying to get salacious info on sitting President Trump - Setting aside who paid for the dossier, we are finding that this opposition research was paid for, and its use supported by many in the upper echelon of intelligence dept’s. As far as I am concerned, if found that this dossier—which appears not to have been vetted or authenticated by the FBI—was used for FISA warrants, ANYTHING obtained as a result is fruit of the poison tree and should be thrown out, along with many of the deep state Obama-era CIA and FBI civil servants. In the aftermath of this fiasco, private citizens were unmasked, caught up in this ruse. The tactics employed by the FBI, should be of concern to all, no matter one’s party affiliation. And then we have the Uranium deal: Sen. Grassley’s investigation includes whether our FBI snd DOJ were working in a silo, deciding what to withhold and share with the departments that would have or should have shut the sale down. Or, maybe knowing this deal was in the works, they sat on it, giving Hillary and Obama the cover they needed. Who knows? But I sure want to, because NO deal should have gone forth to sell 20% of our country’s uranium once this was known...”According to The Hill’s report, the FBI had evidence "as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act." The Department of Justice, however, continued investigating the allegations for four more years, “essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil.” Setting that aside, have any of you asked how selling 20% of our uranium supply helped America? How selling it to a country that you Libs and Dems believe is the most evil nation—although it may actually be—in the world would benefit America? None of you cared when Hillary tried to ‘re-set’ the relationship with Russia, or when Russia invaded the Ukraine, or how about when Obama on a hot mic sneakily said to Medev, ‘Tells Vladimir, I’ll have more flexibility after the election.’ ??? Huh??? Now throw in the dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign with more ties back to Russia. Yes, I do think we have our collusion after all. Let’s just see how deep it was. Grassley, please follow your instincts and follow the money. And 9 agencies in Obama’s Administration—I think history will eventually show as one of the most corrupt and deceitful administrations in my lifetime—singing off on the deal only reinforces to me how far and wide their influence into our government was. This reads like a bad Vince Flynn novel, folks, and it is truly frightening if they get away with it. Our government is to work for all the people and not be politically weaponized to benefit one party over another. When that occurs, it should be of grave concern to all citizens. Civil liberties used to concern Democrats. Not any longer. Sad. Very sad.

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