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Trump: New FBI Texts are a 'Bombshell.’ Are They?
by Countable
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  • Lexpost

    On some level, beyond his ability to look at himself, Trump feels like his election wasn’t legitimate. Hence his never ending quest to “prove his presidency” as much to himself as it is to the American people. (At least the 60% or so who disapprove of his performance on the job.) So, every week or two we are blessed with “proof” that everybody is out to get him, including the few appointments he’s actually bothered to make in between trips to feather his nest at his properties. Maybe, if he hadn’t already made so many BS accusations, trying to clear the smoke the envelopes his campaign, I might be able to take seriously this latest bombshell (dud?) that Obama (along with the FBI, CIA, Hillary and pretty much everybody except Putin) was hunting for campaign dirt instead of hunting down corrupt foreign interference in the electoral process. Even with the midterm elections around the corner, Trump doesn’t seem to care that, whether he likes it or not, that foreign actors, with the “benign neglect” of social media, were systematically corrupting the 2016 election and have been doing it ever since. (And probably beforehand, also)

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