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State Dept. Misses Climate Report Deadline
by Countable
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  • Chickie

    Scott Pruitt’s title as the head of the EPA is well-lit sign glaring ‘unqualified’. #45 and his administration is accustomed to treating everyone that isn’t a top 1% of the nations rich, as subservient; this includes other world leaders and leading scientists. The unconscionable and permanent carbon footprint to environmental care this administration flaunts to the world continues our decent in their eyes. We are no longer the nation of opportunity but the nation of the most backward thinking, gross caricature and egotistical leader in the world. How can anyone think that this EPA would respect the earth and it’s care when #45 believes in clean coal? We, as constituents, need to press our states to stand up to care for our lands and water. Otherwise, if we leave it to #45 and his administration, we’ll be lost in smog and floating in hazard waste!

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