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The Daily Countable: Democratic Memos & Clean Water
by Countable
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  • Tineke

    We know that 45 is only interested in prancing around and telling people how great he is. We all know by now what he is worth. He will try to destroy anything in this country. Like clean water. Any ideas how many years it will take for the immense cleanup after he leaves? (yes, that day will come). I can only imagine the destructive forces in our government, because I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. Because now we have to let our representatives know if we need clean water? What age do we live in? And besides all that, even if we let them know what we want, do you think the will be bothered by that? Hah! All they our out for is raping, thieving and other kinds of profiteering. Ok, stopping the rant, cause I could write a book about these career criminals and it would make no difference

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