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School Teachers Previously Covered By DACA Face Deportation
by Countable
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  • Zelly

    Their concerns are valid. They’re being used as pawns by this administration. I’m a legal permanent resident, about to apply for citizenship and even I’M concerned for my own immigration status. There were legal permanent residents caught in the middle of the Muslim ban, and separated from their families. This administration has made it quite clear that immigrants (even documented) are not welcome here, especially if you’re brown or black. The DREAMers were brought here as children by no fault of their own. For most, this country is the only home they’ve really ever known. To have that sense of security threatened —to know that at any moment your protection could be taken away and you could be deported— is absolutely horrible. No one immigrates here because they want to be a burden to anyone. People immigrate here, documented or not, because they believe in this country —they believe they can build better lives for themselves here.


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