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Admin Looking To Cut Funding To The International Space Station
by Countable
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  • Osprey

    Keep funding for ISS in the US budget. While I support collaboration between government and private enterprises for space exploration, it is bad policy to privatize most government services. Trump's plan for a permanent moon base at the expense of ISS shows his lack of understanding of physics. Does he really think that it will be more economical to have to enter and exit the moon's gravity well? No, that requires a huge amount of energy that ISS does not. Weightlessness is necessary for most research on ISS whereas the moon has gravity; we'd still need ISS. We all benefit from research in 0g space. What ever happened to Trump's claims about an expedition to Mars? ISS is teaching us about the physiological effects of prolonged space travel on the human body; knowledge required for a manned Mars expedition. Let's not take a giant leap backwards. Let's revive an updated US shuttle program.

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