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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Congressional Map is A Partisan Gerrymander
by Countable
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  • Amy

    My state, NY, has been gerrymandered in favor of republicans, too. It must be undone. The republicans have to accept that they are not the party of the people and don't reflect the majority of Americans' values. And if the districts reflect democratic ideas, then that's what they reflect. I am sick of all the clever, devious ways that republican operatives alter our democracy through gerrymandering, conservative news media who fabricate reality, elected officials who block and obstruct and then cry like children when they are blocked, who create term limits when they don't like the president and then talk about reinstating them when they don't and who now defend a diabolical, totalitarian leaning administration while we watch our democracy die. Enough. If there carving of districts is illegal, it's illegal.

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