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Government To Reopen With Promise Of Negotiations For "Dreamers"
by Countable
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  • Donna

    I didn't support this CR last week before the shutdown and, because Mitch McConnell is an unreliable and deceitful man, I do not support the CR voted on today. Mitch McConnell stood on the Senate floor LYING to his colleagues and the American public when he solely blamed the Democrats for the shutdown. He lied about wanting to fund CHIP. He lied about wanting to support the troops. He lied about wanting a fix for DACA. If any of this were true, CHIP funding would have secured in September, before it ran out; the military would have been funded through an appropriations bill not yet drafted; the DREAM Act would have been brought to the floor for a vote BEFORE Congress spent two months screwing the average American taxpayer and giving away the farm to himself and his donors. I am tired of being lied to by my government. This occurs from all levels whether the liar is in Congress, the Press Office, the Administration, the Oval Office or, as seen today, an Air Force base in Jordan. The administration and its sycophants are rotting this nation, and all we stand for, from the inside out. When does it stop?

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