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What Really Happens in a Shutdown?
by Countable
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    Paul Ryan knew CHIP would need to be reauthorized and he easily could have put up legislation to continue to fund it months ago. CHIP could have been a stand alone bill, passed and signed but Ryan doesn’t believe in any program which benefits the low or middle income classes. He wants to gut every social program offered and give the savings to the wealthy. This shut down which for its duration will prevent reauthorizing CHIP started with him. Bipartisan bill to fund CHIP would have been an easy do. Curious isn’t it with such a popular program that he didn’t generate legislation or have someone in the house generate it? He and Rep wanted to give the country’s money to the wealthy through tax cuts and Ryan wanted to do it so CHIP funding would be very much at risk. He establishes the House’s agenda and his agenda didn’t include any social programs.

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