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Is a DACA Deal ‘Dead’?
by Countable
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  • Lee

    I would like some feedback! Speak out! All those people who are for DACA, TPS, Chain Migration, Sanctuary Cities and other programs to harbor and protect illegals may come to regret it. I have been in the USA for over 50 years and have seen the radical transformation of our beloved Country. If you go to any Border towns with Mexico, kiss them Goodbye! I was in McAllen, Texas recently and people there speak little or no English and some refused to talk with me in English. Luckily I speak Spanish. A friend living in one of the most upscale communities in Miami moved out because employees in the Supermarket refused or didn’t speak English. She and her husband told me they felt were in a foreign country. Don’t be surprised if Spanish will replace the English Language in the foreseeable future. I may not be here to witness that change and most of the Congressional Democrats protecting the illegals will be long gone. Do you remember what the Mexicans said? We are taking back what the USA stole from Mexico. The corporations and the Federal/State government are the enablers by making it easier for the Hispanic population to ignore English. Have you been in California recently? I lived there for 13 years but I would never go back there! I am a Hispanic, but decided that if I’m going to live in America, I would learn the language and assimilate into the customs and traditions of America. Best decision in my life!

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