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Is a DACA Deal ‘Dead’?
by Countable
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  • Lee

    Hillary, Diane and many others commenting on DACA. Read to the End! How wrong you people are with your comments about DACA. President Obama created this mess. This is why this issue is at the forefront of political debate and discord. What give these DACA people the right to stay in this Country? We are a Nation of Laws and these laws are being ignored from people like you and many others citizens. Is easy for you to say just give Amnesty to all the Illegals, right! You don’t have a clue who all these illegals are; their skills, level of education, language, their criminal record. The reason these illegals are still here is because Corporations want cheap labor and are blatantly violating the law. Congress, has a blind eye to all this mess because Democrats are playing to their base. If the USA want to bring laborers or skilled people bring them here on E3D visa. They come here to work and can go home when their contract expires. This is what most European Countries do. We need to secure the Border. If this Wall would have been built when President Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million people we would not have had the chaotic mess with Illegal Immigration. These 700k plus people are not here alone. Many have relatives with them and DACA will include these people too. So instead of 700K the number will triple or quadruple. Also, since kids from poor countries in Central America or Mexico know that once they cross the border they cannot be sent back and can remain in the USA, is business as usual. When is this going to end? End Chain Migration and TPS! End Illegal Immigration! Build that WALL!

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