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Is a DACA Deal ‘Dead’?
by Countable
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  • Lee

    Donna, what is frustrating about people’s comments on political issues is that many of these comments do not make any sense are insulting, and plain dumb. I know this is a free country and people have a right to express their opinion. But I also have a right to express my opinion too. If people want to debate political issues, they need to be informed, educated, read and research the issues. The emotions of people run high because of your political beliefs and ideology. You are either a Republican or Democrat. People grew up in a toxic environment and schools run by left wing zealots poisoned the mind of our children. This is the reason why this Country is so divided. I had a very close friend for many years, highly educated and knowledgeable in political affairs. We talked often when Hillary was running for President. We both engaged in a spirited discussion but finally we had to break the friendship because it got personal. Although Trump was a flowed candidate I predicted he will win the Presidency. He insulted me and told me that I was an imbecile for even thinking about Trump becoming our President. He never had anything positive to say about Republicans. In closing, I am a Hispanic and worked in the Federal Government for over 25 years. I was socially involved at functions at the highest level of Government where Republicans and Democrats mingle. I observe, listen, discussed and interact to learn from the political pros. No one knew my political leanings and never gave them a window of my feelings about derogatory comments made against one party or the other. Many of them were political hacks with no interest in doing the people’s business. All they were interested in was staying in power and win re-election. The whole system of Government is corrupt. I pray for this Country hoping that one day we all be united.

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