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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Plans Legislation to Protect States' Pot Rights
by Countable
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  • Keith

    We’re a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people of these states have spoken. Jeff Sessions needs to leave them alone. The fact that he has money invested in the private prison system, and wants to increase mandatory minimum sentencing, means he is incapable of being unbiased about this. But worse, is the fact that he’s trying to do all this based off of information that is simply not true. Marijuana has yet to cause a single death by overdose, and is illegal. Meanwhile tobacco and alcohol, kill millions, and it’s just regulated to age of consumption. How is that even a thing? Sugar related diseases have killed more people than marijuana. At this point, if someone dies by staring at the sun, it would kill more people than marijuana. So the question worth considering, is why this substance is so regulated? Even opioids are less regulated, and we’re in the middle of a national epidemic. So just legalize it, and tell Mr. Sessions to instead work on his memory of his involvement with the trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

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