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What They’re Saying: Trump’s S***hole Comment
by Countable
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  • Lee

    Just read a comment made by someone from Bolivia admitting that his Country is a “Shit-Hole” and that he was NOT offended by president Trump saying that word. Further said that he came to the USA to improve his quality of life. Nothing wrong with that! President Trump “S...hole” comment is not a racist! However, the Democrats and the News-media are outrage and bent out of shape. The President was just been honest. These are “S...Hole” Countries. Period! Listen People, times have changed and we cannot be the savior of the World. Ask China how many people are admitted on a humanitarian basis? A big Zero! I have traveled extensively throughout the World and seen the poverty, dispare and misery of people living in “shit-holes” Countries. Blame Obama for having all these people from Haiti, El Salvador and other third World Countries here on a humanitarian visas. However, this visas were temporary. Many of these people have practically no skills, education or English language and feel very lucky to be in America. Most of these immigrants get all kind of Government financial assistance and are treated better than the US citizens. Why do we have to bring people like that into this Country? We have huge homeless problems in America and our allegiance should be to take care of our people first. The Democrats are a bunch of Hipócrates. All they are doing is playing to their base and make you believe that they really care for the poor and destitute. Have you heard some of these Congressional Democrats saying derogatory comments from S...Hole Countries? Democrats are masters of dishonesty and deceit! That is their Motto!

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