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Senator Questions Apple on Slowing Older iPhones
by Countable
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  • Lee

    The Federal Government needs to keep an eye and monitor powerful companies. It is in the best interest of the Consumer. There is so much dishonesty and lying nowadays that people do it cynically, openly and contemptuously. I attribute that to how the new and preceding generations were raised. We really don’t know what Apple and other companies are doing until something goes wrong or have a whistle blower. These companies are so powerful that they can do anything without people’s knowledge. If a service company is purposely deceitful, take them to Court or just not buy their product. These companies would feel it in their pocketbook. We have Alexa and disconnected the device because if the device is on, they are recording all your conversations. Now a day technology is so advance that is best to keep your life simple. You live longer and happier life!

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