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Is a DACA Deal ‘Dead’?
by Countable
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  • Lee

    Donna, we are a Nation of Laws and the Immigration System is a mess. I am a Hispanic and had to wait in line for residence papers. This is why the illegals have made a mockery out of the system. People who agree with the illegals are adding fuel to the fire. I never have been a burden to this Country; work hard, educate myself and have respect for law and order. President Trump DID NOT kill DACA and is trying to negotiate with the senate Democrats something but they are at stalemate. President Obama illegally issue an Executive Order (EO) to give DACA recipients amnesty and a pass to Citizenship. That was unconstitutional. President Trump reversed Obama EO and asked Congress to deal with it and gave them 6 months to pass legislation. The Judge in California who blocked Trump EO is full of it and can assure you that his lawless Order will be overturn by the Supreme Court. To this day, Congress has done nothing and Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Senate Leadership is stonewalling and threaten to shutdown the Government. Deadline to pass the Budget is Friday January 19th. It is possible the Senate will pass a CR to avoid shutting down the Government. That is not the way to run the people’s business. We will see! But please Don’t Blame the Republicans. Right now the Republicans hold 51 seats, a razor thin majority in the Senate but they need 60 seats for Cloture. The voters will have an opportunity to give the Republicans the majority in both Houses of Congress in 2018. Otherwise, very little or nothing will be accomplished for the people of the Country. Remember, Presidents have Veto powers which means that even if some Republicans vote with the Democrats, they need 66 votes to override any proposed legislation.

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