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Administration Freezes Mental Health And Addiction Programs Database
by Countable
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  • CannabisSavedMe

    Disgusting how this was done for the convenience of the government. I thought the government was supposed to be for the people. It’s awfully inconvenient for our mentally ill and addicts that they can’t get the help they need or access to a database to find help. It makes me sick how our government is in the pockets of big pharma who’s pushing this pharmaceutical dope on our nation, and then they shut down tools that are in place for people to get help to get off of it. Even if “They” ( The Hierarchy Enslaving You) are working to get a new database up and running it should be complete and available for use before the old database is shutdown. This just shows how much “They” really care about the health and wellness of our nation. It’s not about health at all it’s all about money and the subjugation of our sick and needy. The concern of our people should be the first and foremost for our government not the government. People should be outraged!

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